Armed response

Force One Security is licensed, registered and appoved with the Costa Rican Security Minstry and we offer emergency armed response support, reacting in minutes to electronic surveillance alarm system signals received by our central station and or direct calls from our clients requesting officer assistance.

Our officers are professionally trained, licensed to carry their firearms, have the authority to capture and detain tresspassers and our typical response time is 12-14 minutes.

Our motorcycle deployed officers are dispatched within seconds of your alarm signal being received by our central station or as a result of direct request from our clients. Following receipt of alarm signals our operators dispatch the armed officer, then our central station operators call our clients to determine if the alarm is genuine and or accidental. The use of a private password spoken by the client results in the recall of our officers and cancellation of emergency support services.

On the off chance a client is in duress and being forced to cancel armed response, a panic password or duress password can be spoken to our operators. This results in our operators terminating the call, acting as if nothing is wrong, and in these situations our operators will dispatch both our armed response officer and the local police.











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