Guard tour controls

With a guard tour system installed by Force One Security you will have daily and undeniable proof your guard personnel toured your property and remainded awake throughout his or her entire shift.

Force One Security will survey your property, determine the key strategic locations on the property that should be supervised guard staff, determine the frequency of the guard’s tours and subsequently we will install small, electronic radio frequency tags throughout the property that must be visited by the guard. Our tour design staff will determine where the guard tour starts, the path that the guard follows, the time and frequency at which the guard must visit the locations, and when the tour ends. The guard(s) will be trained to visit predetermined locations, to present the waterproof,  impact resistant, radio freqency tag reader that will read and record the time each radio frequency tag is read. Following the end of each tour shift the guard is trained to place the radio frequency tag reader into a download collection device.

The guard tour software program will automatically retrieve the guards tour performance, publish a document that can be emailed, downloaded and or made available on the internet or your intranet.   

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