Thank you Force One!

Since our home invasion last year, my wife has been a nervous wreck- until we had your terrific security system installed! Now we BOTH can sleep at night. The Photo beams for exterior perimeter  protection PLUS door contacts and glass break sensors combined with interior motion sensors have given us a totally programmable security protection system. The armed response feature is truly something we never expected to have in Costa Rica. Kudos to Force One!

Steve & Sylvie Brecht
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

We've been with Force One Security for over 5 years now, I believe. In that time, Terry Anderson and his crew have been professional, thorough, and effective in their approach to our security needs. We find them to be honest, courteous, responsible, and a pleasure to do business with. We have had our entire property covered by their system, including photo beams, glass breaks, and contact plates on all the doors, such that we know well in advance if anyone is silly enough to jump over our fence to approach the house. 

About the only thing we didn't pick up on were the mounted gun-turrets that Terry had recommended...we're avowed pacifists and don't want to own any guns! Seriously though, we have never had a break-in since their installation and frequently leave the country for weeks at a time, knowing that Terry's system and the armed guard response team will be johnny-on-the-spot, within minutes if there is an alarm tripped. They will respond quickly and always let us know when they've been by. So, all-in-all, we'd have to give them the highest possible rating. The only things that ever causes us concern are the maintenance issues and, I believe, Terry will soon be offering an annual program to cover those issues.

Please let me know if this has been helpful and if you need further recommendations or input from other loyal Force One customers...we're surrounded by them!

Yours very truly...
Bill & Margaret Nevins 

I had Terry and Edo from Force One install a pretty complex system in my home in Potrero in 2010, and I am happy to report that so far, knock on wood, we have never had a single bad incident.  The system is complex, because it has 4 zones, to enable my guard or renters to access certain parts of the house but not others. They were very creative about how to do this. 

The guards in Huacas are quick and friendly.   The call center in San Jose usually calls within 2-3 minutes of an alarm, and then they call Victor or Carlos in Huacas if we don't answer.  One night I had an alarm around midnight, and couldn't see what the problem was. I was on the computer, and so was able to time how long it took an armed guard to get from Huacas to my house. 8 minutes!

The equipment is a little fragile and I wish it lasted longer. The combination of salt air, water, ants, bugs, wind, and rain make some of the outdoor contacts give up sooner than I would wish.  Learning the System takes a little while, and we all make mistakes. 

I completely trust Terry and Edo.  In fact, Terry has a key to my yard and front door.  There is no way I would stay here in Potrero alone without their backup. It is not cheap, but Terry has a fierce work ethic and desire for perfection, and I am happy to be his client and plan to remain so.  I would recommend Force One without hesitation. There is simply no comparison with any other protection system. 

Judy Lipton

I very much appreciate the work they did and the respect they showed for my home.
Good team there my friend! Use me as a reference anytime!
This system ROCKS.

Eric B Prusak
Co-Creator Flying Man Productions


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