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Force One Security is in the business of providing “ comprehensive electronic surveillance systems”, not burglar alarms. Our security solutions are custom tailored to meet security challenges specific to our clients home’s and or businesses. Our thirty four years of historical applications experience and our industry product knowledge provide our design staff with an unparalled advantage over would be thieves.  

We have a history of successful burglary prevention using laser beams and outdoor motion sensing technologies to detect and announce intruder’s presence in the outside gardens, in parking areas, on outdoor decks and patio’s long before they reach the home or business. Early outdoor intrusion detection is the key to preventing successful burglaries.

Through education comes awareness and at Force One we are committed to educating our clients on how theives think, when they strike, how they come prepared, what drives and motivates their actions and the proactive measures that can be taken to drive them to easier targets. 











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