Perimeter security

The perimeter of a property, home or business should the first line of defense you establish in your quest to secure your family or your business. A closed gate, a closed front door, a perimeter fence or wall, or a heavily planted and maintained hedgerow of spiny/thorny indigenous plants all advertise to the casual and opportunistic theif that security management practices are in place. An open gate, an open door or open window and an unsecure perimeter, are all an open invitation to a theif.

The more daunting the perimeter of your property, home or business perimeter appears, the greater the chances are you will drive crime next door. Thieves are lazy, this evidenced by the lack of ambition to work and their propensity to take what does not belong to them. Don’t be a victim of crime, proactively manage your family security and or business security in advance of becoming the victim of a criminal act.

Chain link fencing, ornamental iron fencing, pre-fabricated sectional fences and walls, gates, burgular bars, decorative ornamental iron doors and a variety of perimeter security products are available at Force One Security.  











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