Security consulting

To give expert advise one requires both education and experience. Force One Security brings 34 years of security industry experience and the invaluable education that comes with over 25,000 successful security system installations.

Having secured condominiums, private homes, estates, golf courses, high rise buildings, airports, power plants, military bases and large and small businesses of many types Force One Security can provide valuable insight and experience with what security measures work and with what security measures do not work in both the residential and business sectors.

Security design, planning and management must be tailored around the operations of the house, business or property and must be designed to meet the threats and challenges of the area in which it is installed.

After a lifetime of consulting following home invasions, burglaries and robberies we have gained tremendous knowledge and insight into the thoughts and actions of criminals.

Our experience, insight and security industry product knowledge coupled with our practical applications experience make Force One Security your best choice to protect your family, home and business.











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