Outdoor laser beams

We provide:

Multiple Infrared Beams
Multiple Long Range Receivers
Multiple Pocket Receivers
GSM Text Alert Module
Security Strobes
Extra Long Range Booster Antenna

Laser Beam wireless driveway alarms / perimeter alarm systems have many applications for external detection.

Our detection device is a professional, solar recharging, point-to-point infrared beam, NOT to be confused with false alarming PIR sensors. No wiring required, No frequent replacement of batteries.

The security laser beam systems are ideal  for farm security including protection of stables, outbuildings and entrances, compound security, businesses with yards and vulnerable perimeters, rural residential properties and holiday homes.

Our laser beams alert you immediately when a person or a vehicle passes through the security beam. Protect multiple external areas of your property by adding up to 20 security beams.

You will never miss another visitor, customer or intruder again...every home and business needs laser beam protection!


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